Monday, October 6, 2008

as if I weren't obsessed enough...

...Recently my good friend Logan opened my eyes to the music blogosphere. and the fact that you can download music there. Needless to say things are getting out of hand. It's so exciting and I can't seem to stop! Right now, I am procuring music faster than I can listen to it. I'm hoping this is just the beginning stage, and that eventually I will chill out a little bit. 

Otherwise, I have been really busy at work lately.  October began a new term and I now have a set 35 classes a week.  In addition to that I also teach some private lessons and trials. So the only free time I have at work is lunch. Which means I do all my prop-making and lesson planning at home. I really can't complain when most of the "work" I take home consists of coloring, cutting, and pasting. 

There are some days at work that I just dread. This is in large part due to two 5 year olds and a seven year old. But really, it's not so bad, and the good kids outweigh the three terrors.  Last week I suppose I had one of those rewarding teaching experiences I've heard so much about.  In one of my baby classes there is this girl who even after coming to class for 5 months is still really shy.  Most of the shy ones came around a long time ago.  But she's not just shy.  Her facial expression is a dead-pan stare that leads one to believe she wants you dead. She doesn't smile. Ever.  A coulple of weeks ago however, she did smirk when I was blowing bubbles. (Most of the babies just loose it and scream with joy like they're going to explode.) She missed a class and so I taught a make up class with just her and her mother. Which went about like I expected it to; no response from her what-so-ever. After the lesson her mother was signing up for the new term.  It's usually my job to entertain the kids when the parents are taking care of paperwork. Until this day, she would never even sit next to me, or show interest in the myriad of toys I'd desperately wave around in front of her.  THIS time she sat next to me! AND she played with the toys! Soon she was sitting in my lap! THEN she followed me over the the main play area, away from her mother, and actually let me PICK HER UP AND HOLD HER.  I honestly still can't believe it. Apparently I'm the first person she has let hold her that wasn't a family member. (aw.) As wonderful as this is, I have a feeling she won't remember this next week. 

I'm going to a sake festival next weekend. That will surely make for a more interesting post and I will include pictures.  Until then...

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